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The Day I Was Grateful for Absolutely Everything

Gratitude—in its purest, truest, most profound form—is priceless.

Priceless not only in its impact, but also in its obscurity. It’s the type of gratitude that isn’t felt in one moment, then dismissed the next. The type that doesn’t need conjuring up because it lives inside your bones -- bubbling beneath your chest like a corked up bottle of champagne.

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5 Things That Are Saving Me Right Now

I think it is safe to say that emotions have been running high over the last week. Division is in the air, so thick and tangible we can feel it in our bones. In life, in politics, and in justice, there are many things we ultimately can’t control. What we can control is our own personal fight for beauty. For finding it, owning it, creating it, and cherishing it. Here are the five ways I am embracing and creating beauty in my own life.

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Interview With Filmmaker, Matt Forrey: The People Who Helped Bring SHOT to Life

Little known fact: It takes a lot more than just a writer to bring the best possible version of a book into the world.  That’s why I’m thrilled to be interviewing a key person who helped bring SHOT to life. 

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