• Are you working on a personal statement for grad school applications? Telling a compelling story about who you are and what you have to offer could be key to getting that acceptance letter.

  • Are you revamping the website for your business and want to draw in more clients by sharing both your story and your passion?

  • Have you always dreamed of writing a book -- either fictional, or based on your own life? Do you have a message you sense the world needs to hear?

  • Ever thought about using your story to inspire change? Stories can be a powerful catalyst to build bridges between communities who don’t get along, or fight for justice.

  • Is there a story you just want to tell for yourself, or for your family? Writing is an effective way to process through something traumatic, or learn to see difficult seasons of your life within a larger context. This process of reflection and gaining understanding can be an incredible gift to yourself. Even if it’s never shared with a public audience.

BUT .  .  . just because storytelling is a natural human instinct doesn’t mean it is easy. Especially if you want to tell a story with strong character development, dialogue, and a memorable plot. For many of us, it can be hard to start at all.



I firmly believe that if you really want to write, all the inspiration and ideas are already inside of you. You just might need a little help accessing them. That’s where I come in.

Whatever point you may be at in the writing process, I will meet you there. Together, we’ll develop an individualized plan to tackle any, or all of the following:

  • Getting started and developing a writing practice

  • Overcoming fear, or writer’s block

  • Brainstorming plot points, themes, and outlines

  • Goal setting and planning

  • The art of conducting research and interviewing people

  • Shaping your narrative, developing strong characters, and mastering dialogue

  • Submitting your essays/articles to editors and publications

  • Writing a book proposal/getting an agent

  • Self-publishing

  • Crowdfunding to finance your project

  • Accountability

This last one -- accountability -- is huge. When I started writing my first book, SHOT, I had no idea what it looked like to be an author. I had done the freelance writing thing. I knew I could put together an article or two, I knew what it meant to meet a deadline and do bits of research here and there.

But writing a whole book? That was brand new territory and I wished more than anything that someone could give me a blueprint.

I didn’t know how to give myself permission to experiment and go more slowly. To enjoy the journey. I wished I could be braver, and that I had someone to provide a voice that was louder and kinder than my own.

Do you wish for that, too?

Then I would be honored to be your person.

Single Coaching Session

One 60 minute phone call or Skype session tailored to your specific needs and goals. If desired, session can include a combination of verbal and written feedback on up to 10 pages of your writing. Please note: Feedback is developmental and will NOT include proofreading, or line edits.

* Sessions can be repeated as often as needed. If you are writing a book, I will assign a textbook to guide you through the process (price of textbook not included), and we will develop a semi-regular meeting schedule that includes developmental feedback (not editing, but feedback) on up to 20 pages per session.

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Self-Publishing 101

Four 60 minute phone calls or Skype sessions designed to take the guess work out of self-publishing. Why spend countless hours researching, when I can teach you everything I know, which will then free you up to do more of what you really love: WRITING! I’ll introduce you to my team of proofreaders, editors, and interior/cover designers. We’ll go over the realities of what it all costs and how to do a book launch. Plus, I’ll give you step-by-step directions for uploading your book to Amazon and other outlets, as well as using all of Amazon’s extra features, such as “Look Inside,” “Author Profile,” and Kindle version.

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Crowdfunding Like a Boss

Four 60 minute phone calls or Skype sessions designed to help you raise the funds you need to write your book. We’ll go over each platform, craft a budget and timeline for your project, brainstorm rewards ideas, and create manageable steps to market and promote your campaign. You may submit drafts of all the web copy for your campaign and I will provide developmental feedback on it.

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Storytelling for Your Brand/Business

This is otherwise known as copywriting. My approach to it is focused on two main components: storytelling and service.

We’ll begin with a detailed questionnaire so I can learn more about the heart behind your business. I will use this information to craft a narrative that showcases all the best ways you can serve your clients, AND get them excited about being a part of what you have to offer.

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Ghostwriting / Co-Writing

But what if I just want you to write my book FOR me? Will you do that?

I take a limited number of ghostwriting clients, but am always open to discussing the prospect.

First, here is an overview of how the process works! Ghostwriting/Co-writing is a dynamic, in-depth collaboration rooted in trust.

1. Interviews. We will begin with a series of interviews to help lay the groundwork for your essay, article, or book. Next, we’ll dive deeper into the key plot points, characters, and themes. We’ll hone in on exactly why you want to tell this story and who your main audience will be. This is also the part where we get to know each other and establish the trust I mentioned above.

2. Research. If we find that further research would enhance the story, I will develop a reading schedule and begin learning about the various places, cultures, time periods, scientific processes, etc. that are relevant, plus brainstorm ways to integrate what I am learning into your narrative.

3.Drafting. Hooray! The writing will finally begin. This period can last from several months, to a full year, depending upon the length of your book. If it’s an essay or article we are writing, the process generally takes less time.

4.Revising/Editing/Fact checking. After a complete draft has been written, you will be asked to read through it and provide feedback. This is your life, after all, and YOU have the final say in the way all aspects of it are represented on the page.

5. Publishing. Unsure whether to go the traditional route, or to self-publish? This is the part where we weigh your options and make a decision. On either end, I can assist with writing a book proposal and submitting it to agents, OR hiring a team of professional cover designers and proofreaders to help create a book you will absolutely love and be proud to share with the world.

Above all else, ghostwriting/co-writing is a commitment of time, energy, passion, and emotions -- for both of us.


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