December 2017: All Proceeds from SHOT Donated to 4 Nonprofits!


The evenings in Southern California are growing the tiniest bit crisper these days. Silhouettes of Christmas trees float atop the waterways, and the street lamps are framed with twisted garland and twinkling lights. In celebration of what can be both the happiest and most hectic time of year, we thought we would kick things off with a spirit of giving.

For the entire month of December, we will be donating all the proceeds from book sales to FOUR of our favorite nonprofits: 826LA, ENLACE, International Justice Mission, and Three Angels.

That's right -- any copies of SHOT you buy for friends and family over the holidays will all be going towards some awesome causes!

Plus, each Friday we will highlight one of the organizations and explain why we are so excited to support them. 

First up: 826LA


In 2002, author Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari started an after school writing lab for under-resourced students in San Francisco. Their mission was to support overburdened teachers and get kids excited about storytelling and discovering their own voice.

Fifteen years later, they have become a national organization with eight chapters in major cities throughout the US. 826LA is our local chapter, and they provide students with writing workshops, after school tutoring, and opportunities to publish their work.

As a grad student, I volunteered at the 826 in Mar Vista one semester and was reminded of how much my own love for writing and storytelling was nurtured as a kid.

We hope you'll join us in sharing the story of SHOT and supporting this and several other fabulous nonprofits!

With love,

Christy, Dara, and Pete