"I believe in a world where we can make and share art and words that will help us find our way back to one another."




Well, hello!

My name is Christy. I am a dreamer, storyteller, writing coach, and author of the book SHOT: A Couple, a Country, and the Stubborn Quest for Hope. After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my book, traveling overseas for research, conducting 20 plus interviews, and spending years studying everything there is to know about both traditional and self-publishing, I am thrilled to share all I have learned with my coaching clients.

I am also a formerly blocked writer who ran from my creativity for a very long time. I went to grad school instead. I taught academic writing at both community colleges and universities. I spent a year teaching English abroad, but no matter how far I traveled or how successful I became, the calling to write just kept chasing after me. It took a lot of prayer and gumption and letting go of my own ego, but finally I answered. It’s been an adventure ever since! And a total blessing.

But I get how hard it can be to fight those inner doubts. That’s why I have a passion for empowering others to share their truth and tell their story. It’s some of the hardest work we can do, but also some of the most fulfilling and most necessary.

When I see certain narratives shaping our culture right now -- on Facebook, in the news headlines -- all I can think about is how desperately we need new ones. Brand new narratives that embrace unity and hope. How do we get those narratives and make them a part of our culture?

We have to create them. One at a time.

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