The Writing Process: Month One


Is it too late to begin this post with the words, “Happy New Year??”

I know I’m a month behind on that one, but man oh man did January fly by! It’s been a crazy but beautiful time filled with transitioning, experimenting, and questioning what it looks like to write a book and develop a daily writing routine. Through a massive amount of trial and error, here is what I’ve boiled it all down to:

Writing is a constant ebb and flow. A mishmash of researching, brainstorming in journals, praying, transcribing interviews, and then translating it all into typed pages that meet a daily word count. As technical as it sounds, I really am loving the process. It's challenging, surprising, and rewarding to be sure.

This past weekend, I experienced all three of those emotions by participating in my very first Write-A-Thon. It was held at Epiphany Space, which is a gathering place for artists in Hollywood to collaborate and work. The space itself is bright and homey. It has a conference room, a kitchen, a prayer room, an outdoor patio, and a comfy living room area with a couch, piano and fireplace. Top it all off with unlimited cups of coffee, and what more could a writer ask for? 

In all seriousness, the best part of the weekend was meeting and working alongside such a fun and talented group of people. On a stormy Sunday in Southern California, we hunkered down through the rain, taking mini-breaks to chat and share ideas over steamy bowls of soup. The Write-A-Thon lasted from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., both Saturday and Sunday, and by the end of it, I had written a little over 3,000 words! 

It’s been an awesome first month, and if you have any particular questions about the writing process, or some of the books I’m reading/facts I’m learning about El Salvador, please write them in the comments below, or send an email and I would be happy to cover them in a future post.

Until next time, 
~ Christy ~

Christy Krumm