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Hey Friends!

Our Spring 2019 workshops are well underway, and we’ll be taking a break for summer. In the meantime, we are revamping and reimagining writing workshops for fall and cannot wait to share more info in the coming months.

Until then, I leave you with a list of fabulous writing resources,

plus my favorite writing advice of all time:

The more we are willing to separate from distraction and step into the open arms of boredom, the more writing will get on the page. If you want to write and can’t figure out how to do it, try picking an amount of time to sit at your desk every day. Start with twenty minutes, say, and work up as quickly as possible to as much time as you can spare. Do you really want to write? Sit for two hours a day. During that time, you don’t have to write, but you must stay at your desk without distraction: no phone, no Internet, no books. Sit still quietly. Do this for a week, for two weeks. Do not nap or check your email. Keep on sitting for as long as you remain interested in writing. Sooner or later you will write because you will no longer be able to stand not writing.
— Ann Patchett, "The Getaway Car"

Easier said than done, yes?

But rest assured: whatever may be holding you back from trying Ann Patchett’s advice, there’s a book for that!

Are you managing to write, but feeling horrified by how “terrible” your writing is? Try picking up a copy of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and allow her wisdom about “Short Assignments” and “Shitty First Drafts” to provide solace that NO ONE writes perfect or beautiful rough drafts. No one.

Maybe you’re showing up faithfully to write, but still aren’t sure what you want to say? James Scott Bell has got your back with a handy list of writing prompts to explore. You’ll find them, plus myriad other tips and tricks for writing fiction in Plot & Structure.

So, you’ve come to grips with the fact that rough drafts are usually messy and imperfect. You even have a few thoughts on plot and what you want to explore on the page . . . but this sitting in silence thing is brutal! That’s where Cal Newport comes in with his handy guide to Digital Minimalism.

“But this is a new habit, and I’m not great at starting new habits,” you say. Once again, you’re not alone. That’s why James Clear spent years studying brain science and coming up with a formula in his book Atomic Habits that can teach you how to embrace discipline — one step at a time.

I do hope that helps! Know that I am rooting for you, and am happy to offer one-on-one coaching sessions if you’d rather start your book project sooner rather than later. Find out more here.

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What Students Are Saying

Kaitlin + Musser

“Christy is such a gifted writer and has that unique talent to equip other writers to share their own stories. She is safe. She is motivating. She is inspiring. I would not imagine going on this writing journey without her at my side.”

Kaitlin Musser


“I have been working on a memoir since June of 2018, and I wouldn't have even been able to start or get where I am today without the guidance and encouragement of Christy. The resources she recommends, the thoughtful comments she makes, and questions she asks are all so important on the journey of writing a meaningful and compelling story. If you're a writer or even contemplating writing, join the workshop. I know you will gain so much insight.”

Johanna Tropiano


Meet Your Instructor

Christy Krumm Richard is an educator and author of the book SHOT: A Couple, a Country, and the Stubborn Quest for Hope. She is fascinated by the way stories shape our culture and is passionate about giving people the tools and encouragement to bring their narratives to life. She has taught academic writing at colleges and universities around Southern California. Her work has been featured in online outlets, such as Woman’s Day, RELEVANT Magazine, and YourTango. When Christy is not behind a computer screen, you can find her baking cookies, or riding bikes around Long Beach, CA where she lives with her husband.

Do you offer private writing coaching?

Absolutely! Please check out my Services page to learn more.

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